candy which reminds you of your childhood(90s)


Parle Poppins are colourful tangy fruity candies. Every candy in Poppins is differentiated by its colour and its unique fruit flavour. All you have to do is pop in the individual candy to get the individual fruit flavour.

Mango bite

When I was a child I always buy this and enjoy its wonderful Mango and we used to make the ring for the hand with the help of wrapper. i know it sound weird but most of the children did this.

Mango bite

Mostly called as ‘limelet ki goli’, they came in jars without any paper wrappings

And they are the medicine for vomit during bus journey (people lived in hilly area can make a reference).


it had ‘cola’ in its name because it tasted like cola and I guess everyone has the memory of melting this candy in water bottle so we can get Coca-Cola and we can share with that with everyone.

Little Hearts

Yeah you are right they are shouldn’t in the category of candy but for us they are. we just to eat them like children eat Cadbury now days.

Coffe bite

They are called the cappuccino of our 90’s era.

Big Babool

This is a symbol of being cool at school but in front of yours parents this is a symbol of loafer.

Ha-ha remember we call them babul gum instead of their name

phantom Cigarettes

The chalky cigarettes were our way to pretend like adults. What a nostalgia! I still feel that while writing this article.

pan pasand

They are style of being a kanpuriya. Right now i don’t feel its taste like real pan but those were the days we assumed this to be the flavoured of pan.

Still I have those memories of our summer when we eat this and after that we drink water so the water feels cold.


They just come for just 25 paise and how naughty we are at that time that we give this to someone and say kismi took a little pause then complete our sentence .


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