Do you ever wonder what our future will look like?

Coding at this very moment is like Oxygen for humans,means we need coding for the future for sure. We live in a computerized reality where programming rules everything. Someone needs to compose this product. That is where programming comes in. Coding is going to be a tool of the future.

When we watch sci-fi movies we all are fantasied by the thing they use .for example, IRON MAN, his armor and the tech he all might think how this is even possible, YES you are right all this is possible because of coding.

programming computerization is coming and this implies two things:

End-clients will have the option to make their own applications without conventional programming information and without the administrations of expert software engineers.

Inevitably, potentially numerous decades from now.AI and programming “bots” will have the option to assume control over the capacity of customary software engineers.


As per the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the coding field is relied upon to develop by 15% among now and 2024. That is very nearly 30,000 employment opportunities in the next seven years.

Also in India, the Government makes a necessary rule in which a child is starting to learn coding in his early schooling (from the sixth standard). you all might be wondering why this happens and promote coding in schools, but there are so many reasons for it. If you want to check, click here WHY YOUR CHILD SHOULD LEARN CODING.

Slowly and slowly the whole world is moving towards digitalization.IT carrier is the carrier which is increasing rapidly each year.

By the next 10 years’ whole world will look exactly the same as we saw in many movies. Self-driven cars, controlled by everything with voice, are going to be there and many more. For this, we need programming experts and we have an era where everyone knows coding and can make changes as per their need.

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