How to make your skin better

Skin is what people recognize first. As older people say, your first impression is your last impression. Skin shows how much confidence and how good you are looking.

Below are some methods by which you can improve your skin health:

1. Get your sleep

make skin better,skin
Various studies show that getting your sleep not only helps your body it also helps the skin to repair itself.
It also helps to get rid of those dark circles in which you get a gift for your hard work.
Each tissue and muscle of your body get repaired while you sleep .
Sleep for an average of 7-8 hours and you we get your result within a week.

2.Drink green tea

make skin better,skin
Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties which help you to fight against the skin issue like collagen, wrinkles, redness, and many more.
taking a cup of green tea daily improves your skin and provides you a lot of benefits you can not imagine.

3.kill the stress

make skin better,skin
Stress is the main cause root of many things .when you take too much stress the tissue of your skin die or damaged due to that damaged tissue your skin look kill your stress as much stress as you can and enjoy your life, this automatically helps you to get a better texture for your skin.

4.Get a better quality of air.

make skin better,skin
Live somewhere where you get a better air quality index because this is what came in contact with your skin and damaged the skin tissue So please stay away from polluted air.

5.Quiet smoking and say bye to alcohol

make skin better,skin
Smoking is the biggest factor which damages your skin tone.
By smoking, you inhale so many bad chemicals that directly affect your skin tone.

6.Get a proper diet

make skin better,skin
Get yourself a proper diet full of good fats and vitamins.
Vitamin E, Biotin, Iodine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, VitaminC, Zinc.
Above are some vitamins which you have to add to your daily life. they are almost all the vitamins and minerals which your body needs.


make skin better,skin
Just like air-water, quality also matters. there are two ways by which you use water. the first one is by drinking, for this use a water RO and the second is by using for face wash and bathing. For this don’t use soft water because it doesn’t remove soap properly from your skin and some residue is left behind which is not good for skin health.

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