School memories which reminds you of your childhood(90s)

here are some memories of our school time which we all have .lets take a look to our childhood things and see how many of this we can relate too.

Natraj geometry

Remember this the ultimate “geometry ” what we all pronounce.this is what our cricket bat sometime while playing cricket,some time it turn to be our fighting tools and sometime it will be our message exchange Application.


they look old fashioned for the kids of this generation but remember all good old days when we used to wear them but we hate to polish them every day.

Milky pens

The magic pen we all used to decorate our notebook with this so we get a good grade.

Game played at the backside of the notebook.

This is our tombola for sure. Half of the notebook are filled with this games.

And they are the life saver for us. I know we can’t forget the laugh we had while playing this games they are terrible I am dam sure

 pencil we eat from the backside

I don’t know why we chewed this thing may be whether we are hungry or we are in depression (coz the burden of school).

When friend bring money he is your friend.

If one of your friend bring money to the school …oh god, he become Mr. Popular among his group circle and he remain the king until his money finished and after that he is again your kamina dost.

Friend birthday

Person has the power to do anything in the school for that particular day. for ex if teacher is going to punished the whole class it’s his best friend duty to tell the teacher “mam aaj iska birthday Hai”. And congrats my dear friend you are saved.

Plus, we had the memories where we go with our best friend to each and every class to distribute the toffees and yes we get more of it than anyone else.

Wondering in school

If you bored in class just simply make a simple excuse of going to washroom and roam over the school and we waste time by doing this so the period (not the lecture) is over.

The guys who make us laugh

Many of us are from the group “jo sabko hasayenge and teacher se panga lenge”.

Tomorrow bring your parents

This sentence is like nightmare for all of us. But some of us can dodge this fireball very well by using the method we called “next time mam ye pkka ni hoga”.

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