some memories which reminds you of your childhood(90s)

Video games


Our play station .It has around 1000 games and those are rare as hell.

some of us have but we played this for sure.This will surely bring back some memories of yours.


“Uncle bottle khol ke de do abhi vapas aa jaunga”. this is the phrase we all used to say.They come in various congeries but our favorite was thumps up.



Its is very rare that people remind of this green box fruity because company later change the box color to yellow.This will surely bring back some memories of yours.

mp3 player

Mp3 player of our kids don understand the struggle of solving the tangle cassette which stuck inside the player.

Piggy bank

Our mini bank ,we all collect coins from home always asked our parents to give some money so we can press the button so we can see the dog.

Chacha chaudri

The sherlock of our Era. remember how intelligent and clever he is.This will surely bring back some memories of yours.

Guru chela

This was more famous for this wrapper.On one side you get a face of a female on the other side we get a man face.this was just like a magic of us at that time

Galli cricket

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