why Lord’s Cricket Ground is called Mecca of Cricket

Lord’s Cricket Ground, ordinarily known as Lord’s, is a cricket setting in St John’s Wood, London. Named after its organizer, Thomas Lord, it is claimed by Marylebone Cricket Club.

Lord’s is nowhere in the list of the biggest Cricket Stadiums. It is also not the most beautiful Cricket Stadium till 2009, no Day Night One Day International match was played in Lord’s Still, Lord’s Cricket Ground is called the Mecca of Cricket Playing on Lord’s, Scoring Century, Taking wickets are the dreams of Cricket players.

The first three World Cup Finals were played at Lord’s Why is Lord’s called the Mecca of Cricket?

Numerous individuals accept that Lord is the most established Cricket Ground on the planet. So it is known as the Mecca of Cricket But.. this isn’t the case Cricket Grounds are more seasoned than Lord’s still existing in England Then why is Lord’s Mecca of Cricket To get this, we should realize How Cricket was played in the nineteenth Century And what is the excursion of Cricket from that point to now And we should investigate Contribution of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) to Cricket MCC –

Which has the responsibility for Cricket Ground In nineteenth century Cricket was for the most part restricted to England And its structure was to some degree like IPL Villages, Cities and Counties used to have their own Cricket Team Owners or supporters of these groups used to be compelling and first class Englishmen of the region, who additionally used to be Cricket Lovers Just like Mumbai Indians of Ambanis, KKR of Shahrukh and Kings XI of Preity Zinta But rather than Tournament or League matches,

They used to wager on their groups Winning group used to get the wagered sum as prize Marylebone Cricket Club used to be the Cricket crew of Marylebone territory in Western London In 1787, when MCC was established There were not fixed guidelines of Cricket Often Cricket players used to have debates On issues like width of bat or length of contribute such conditions Marylebone Cricket Club stepped up of Framing the standards of Cricket Just like this, MCC took numerous such activities to Take forward the sport of Cricket which raised MCC to top in Cricketing world For instance – Sending English group on the visit through Australia For the first run through ever in 1877

This was the beginning of International test matches And its full credit goes to MCC In 1903, MCC took officially the responsibility of International tours of English team, just like BCCI Before ICC, Imperial Cricket Conference founded by MCC Used to take care of the management of Cricket globally Was done by MCC before ECB till 1990 But this journey of MCC and its important contributions to Cricket Would not have been possible without a Cricket Ground In 1786, Cricket lovers and rich elites, George Finch, 9th Earl of Winchilsea and Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond Asked Cricketer

Thomas Lord to find land Asked Cricketer Thomas Lord to find land They were even ready to give financial help to Thomas Lord for this Finally in 1787, Thomas Lord acquired a 7 Acre land From this ground only MCC was started Ground was named on its owner, Lord’s Cricket Ground Due to constant construction work in London, The ground had to be shifted twice to new place By buying new land Today the place where Lord’s is situated Is approximately 2.5 Kms from Marylbone area Due to being official Cricket Ground of MCC, The importance of Lord’s in the world of Cricket is way more than other grounds And this is why Lord’s is called the Mecca of Cricket Because to bring Cricket to today’s level

The contribution of MCC is unforgettable Today MCC has 18000 full time and 5000 Associate members The copyright of Cricket rules is also with MCC The copyright of Cricket rules is also with MCC Wait even for 27 years You can find remnants of old and traditional Gentlemen’s game Even today in Lord’s If you can watch match in Lord’s Then you can surely experience that The knowledge of MCC members and even employees of Lord’s About history of Cricket, its rules and stats of players is so great that They can outmatch any other Cricket Expert.

Now, India going on an Australian tour where they have to play Test-matches as well that why lord ground is going to be news and yes this tour is going to be very difficult for India as now Australia are going to be played on his home ground and they are well aware of their condition, so a benefit is on the Australian side. This is the very first tour of India since the covid scenario makes it more special. There is a great rivalry between Australia and India, let’s see who is gonna win this series plus both are the top teams, so, therefore, we are going to experience a great battle.

Let a good team win but we want India to win this series at Lord’s. You can also check out the Indian team who were selected for this tour by clicking HERE-